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So looks like the next Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, won't have a traditional single player component if this report is to be believed.…

 For the record, treat this as a rumor until Activision shows off the game on May 17th. However, in the case that it could be real...

This shows that companies like Activision are truly out of step with the gaming community. Sure, many people buy CoD to play multiplayer, and that single player in CoD is mostly abysmal.

However it's good to have that option, it's to have something for people who may like a single player experience. God of War for ps4 just got rave reviews and I expect it to sell millions (I intend to buy it btw). Activision, by doing this, you'd screwed over Black Ops 4, I mean sure it will still sell, but maybe less then previous CoD games.

And fucking zombies man, I really really hate zombies!
Ubisoft has recently released a new Ghost Recon Wildlands update that crossover with Splinter Cell. Michael Ironside, in all his glory, is back.

However, the update also brings an easter egg that conveys a very sad truth about Metal Gear Solid and the stealth genre at large.…
You only need to watch it for 20 seconds to understand the easter egg, but I'll provide context.

So in this clip, Sam and this woman are talking about another agent with a "bandana" this is a reference to series heroes Solid Snake and Big Boss. The lady states that the agent has retired which catches Sam off guard, he laments "It's only me." 

It's a sad reminder that Metal Gear Solid, as a franchise, is dead. Konami has fucked it up to high heaven. Splinter Cell is the only well known stealth franchise still standing. I just hope Ubisoft has a new Splinter Cell game in the works, this is their time to capture the stealth genre.

And also Fuck Konami!
So recently Ubisoft has announced an update that'll bring in Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell or maybe his costume into Ghost Recon: Wild Lands. They shown a teaser trailer for this update, and it showed non other then Sam Fisher himself, however, the most interesting part of that trailer is the fact that Michael Ironside voiced Sam for that trailer. What makes it interesting is the fact that Michael didn't voice Sam Fisher in the last Splinter Cell game. I don't know if it means that they're making a new Splinter Cell game, but in today's world they should.

Yes even if Blacklist wasn't as successful as Ubisoft wanted to be, I do believe that if they do it again, and do it right. You know, make it an actual stealth game instead of an action type game, I believe Splinter Cell could sell again.

The reason I say that because the stealth genre is currently lacking at the moment. Metal Gear Solid, which is seen by many as the king of stealth games, is dead. Konami just made sure that the series is dead in the water. Metal Gear Survive was just a lazy cash in on the Metal Gear name, and Konami themselves aren't interested in making good games again. Plus with Kojima gone from Konami, do you really expect them to do a proper Metal Gear game justice?

If Ubisoft played their cards right, and make a new great non action Splinter Cell game, I do believe they have a good shot at reclaiming the Stealth genre. I mean believe it or not Splinter Cell was Metal Gear Solid's main rival back in the day. If it wasn't Metal Gear Solid you heard about when it came to stealth games, it was Splinter Cell. So yeah Ubisoft really needs to make a new Splinter Cell game, the opportunity is right there!
Square Enix has revealed the next slate of Final Fantasy XV DLC, and as speculated among them is the confirmation that Arydn will get his own episode. Interestingly the dlcs won't be released this year, they'll be released in 2019.…

Among confirming the dlcs, they revealed you'll be able to bring in your customizable avatar into the single player portion of the game from Comrades. Also mod tools for the pc version will be released this fall.

As someone whose been kinda critical of FF XV lately, due to it's mostly lackluster story, open world, and combat system. i gotta say I'm looking forward to the DLC believe it or not.

Yeah I know that sounds hypocritical, but honestly some of the dlcs turned out pretty good, even better then the main game. So I look forward to them next year.
Sexy? (Continued from Journal title).

OK so Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, have admitted that they have sexualized one of their own champions Kai'Sha.…

Am I missing something here? Or do they not notice that some of their champions already look sexualized? I mean Katarina and Nidalee are already sexualized, what makes Kai'Sha any special?

And no I'm not complaining about sexualizing characters, I'm just missing the point about this when they already have sexualized champions.

But whatever.
I have no words to describe how I'm feeling right now....Oh my god..…
Disclaimer: Sony paid me to post this journal...maybe...I'm still waiting for that check from them. I mean, if I say something positive about the ps4 or any other console I have to be paid off right?

Anyway the point of this journal is that God of War, Sony's next smash hit exclusive is right around the corner, and I'm already excited. Sony, love them or hate them or you're just in between (Like most people), has been releasing a lot of great games this generation. Sure there have been several misfires like Knack, The Order 1886, Killzone and No Man's Sky (Although that game is now coming to Xbox One, but it was touted as the next big Sony exclusive). But overall Sony has been mostly delivering great games this generation. I mean hell two of their games have been my game of the years for the past two years, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn. And shit I didn't even mention Spider-Man, which is also looking like the next big thing! Fuck if RDR 2 wasn't being released this year God of War PS4 could be my front runner for game of the year!

Now if only Microsoft actually cared about making good exclusives, you can't let Sony hog all the glory Microsoft! XD

Lol sorry I hate to turn this into a console war, but the truth is Microsoft doesn't have anything to show for unlike Sony or Nintendo. I hope they get their act together on Exclusives, but I don't see that happening for some time. Maybe if ever.
It looks like the ongoing saga of Channel Awesome's woes continue to rage on. Recently a number of ex-contributers released a 65 page document detailing the bullshit abuse and harrasement they experienced at Channel Awesome. And incase some of you don't know, Channel Awesome is the website of the Nostalgia Critic, who was once a very popular youtuber, and is still is to a degree. But Channel Awesome has been on the decline over the years due to a mass exodus of it's content producers, contributers, and employees.

The document, along with a condensed version can be found on this link here if you're curious.…

I gotta say, as someone who used to watch Nostalgic Critic a lot, alongside other Channel Awesome content creators like Angry Joe, Linkara and some others who I prob forgot, it's sad to see this trainwreck unfolding. First off it was the incident with Spoony who left the website for various reasons, now a few of their content producers quit after the websites CEO, Michael Michaud started being a huge dick. Also as of this year a few more people have left including Linkara. Channel Awesome is not what it's used to be.

Aside from watching a few of Angry Joe's videos (Mostly his angry reviews and then I skip his stupid skits), I have completely stopped watching content made by current or former Channel Awesome staff. They're not just funny anymore, escpically Nostalgia Critic, his brand of humor is so goddamn cringey it hurts.

But yeah, its sad to see Channel Awesome on the decline like this, but they did this to themselves. You have one person to thank for that, the sites founder Michael Michaud.
Disclaimer: You know the drill, treat this with spoilers like any other review. Also this is my first Far Cry game, I have no played the previous games, but I was interested in giving this game a try.

Far Cry 5 is the fifth main installment in Ubisoft's long running open world series. It continues it's tradition of open world world game play from a first person perspective. Far Cry 5 takes place in the fictional Hope County, Montana. You play as a Deputy, who can be customized, nicknamed Rook. Rook (we're gonna call the deputy rook for this review) tries to arrest the leader of a fanatical cult called Eden's Gate, but things go to shit when Eden's Gate fights back against Rook and their band of deputies. Eden's Gate takes over Hope County, and Rook is saved by a guy named Dutch. Dutch instructs Rook to go save their allies, and fight off the heralds of Joseph Seed, the leader of Eden's Gate.

After a lengthy tutorial explaining the game's mechanics, the player has the freedom to explore the open world at their leisure. In typical open world fashion, you're free to tackle any story quests when you see fit.

Graphically Hope County Montana is prob one of the best looking open world games I ever played, the whole world just looks gorgeous. Ubisoft definiately took good care in crafting such a nice place to explore.

The area is said to be smaller then previous Far Cry  games, but it's big enough and has enough content to keep you engaged with it. You might stumble upon a side quests, you might find yourself near a enemy outpost, or you might be hunting the various animals for profit. Point is, there plenty to do in Far Cry 5.

Sadly most of it is just filler. The side quests are nothing to write home about thier just generic fetch or kill quests. The story missions are prob the best part of the game, but its all just repetitive grinding.

And this game is all about grinding. You see, you need to build up resistance points in order to fight off one of Joseph Seed's heralds and liberate a region. You can do this by securing outposts, saving civilians, doing side quests and story missions, destroying Eden's Gate property. And once you liberate a region, it just becomes devoid of enemies, giving you an empty feeling.

The gameplay of Far Cry 5 is played primarily from a first person view. You'll have access to an arsenal of weapons like a bow, shotgun, grenade rifle, smgs, pistols. You can customize them from a gun vendor for a small price.

The gameplay of Far Cry 5 was fun, it feels much more fun then the gunplay of Fallout 4. Sniping or gunning down enemies feels fluid, and fun. Knocking down enemies when you're sneaking behind them is always fun. I think it has one of the best FPS mechanics for an open world game.
Story is just there. All you do is try to stop Eden's gate by liberating the regions. Joseph Seed is an interesting character, but he doesn't appear enough for you to care about him. The ending for the game is pretty bad though, there are no good endings. Infact it makes Mass Effect 3's ending look good by comparison.

So in short, I had fun with Far Cry 5, but the repetitve grinding, the lackluster story makes this game a rental.

I give it a 7/10.
Disclaimer: No I'm not being paid off by Ubisoft to make a journal defending them, if I did I wouldn't mention the stupid stuff they done as well. No the point of this topic is that I want to discuss something that's on my mind regarding the 3 major publishers in the industry EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.

If you're a gamer, then you probrably know how EA, Activision, and Ubisoft tend to get shit on for their stupid business decisions and rightfully so. They all suck. (Though in my opinion Square Enix sucks more than them).

Though in my opinion, Ubisoft is the one that sucks the least. Yes they have done stupid shit in the past, like screwing over PC gamers, the botch launch of Assassin's Creed Unity, stating making female playable characters is difficult work, DLC practices, screwing up Splinter Cell etc.

However, what makes Ubisoft a better publisher then Activision or EA is the fact they are willing to hear customer feedback and change some of their business decisions.

The main example is stop releasing Assassin's Creed every god damn year. This result gave us an excellent game in the form of Assassin's Crreed Origins, which, in my opinion is the best AC game I ever played. 

Sure they're not perfect or good, but Ubisoft is surely better then microtransactions EA and CoD every year Activision.

But they all suck!

Square Enix has finally revealed the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 at long last! The game, which has been in development since 2013, will released on November 11, 2018. Square Enix has confirmed that KH 3 will also have a playable demo on psn sometime over the summer. The demo will allow players to play in the Toy Story world for a limited time.
Square Enix also announced a season pass for the gam, which will cost you an additional 40 dollars. However, for this price, you'll gain access to two story expansions that will be released through out 2019. No word yet on the details, but Nomura teased that you'll be able to play as Riku Replica from Chain of Memories in a what if scenario from one of the upcoming expansions.…
Yuck! No thanks! I rather have a set character like Geralt who is more interesting and full of backstory then a generic, self insert character with no personality.
So with Geralt confirmed for Soul Calibur VI, it pretty much made me take a sudden interest in the game. I have Soul Calibur VI preordered, but I have a question to ask to the fans...

What the heck is this series about anyways? Storywise? I know that its a fighting game franchise, I know it has a lot of guest characters, I know some games have the create a fighter mechanic. But what is it about story wise? What is the general conflict and stories going on? Heck do these games even tell a larger story? Thank you.

And yes give me spoilers, if I'm buying the sixth game in the franchise,  i will be so lost.
When haters call The Witcher 3's combat "Clunky" or "bad." Like seriously, the game's combat is fine! Not awful or awesome ,just fine. What do you want it to be like? Devil May Cry or Bayonetta? Please. If it's the difficulty, um the game can be pretty tough at times even on easy mode. Don't use QUEN all the time. The combat can be pretty deep if you use it well enough.

I swear people are spoiled by Dark Souls, Bayonetta, etc. Sheesh.
Holllllyyy shhhiiiiiiiiiitttt! I can't fucking believe this! The rumors were true! Oh my god....…

Instant buy!
I thought I make a guide on how to respond to people who firmly believe that violence in video games contribute to mass shootings. Remember even though we live in 2018, a sizable amount of people still believe in this absurd myth that video games makes someone violent.

1. Point to studies that show no link between violent video games and mass shootings. I won't to any specific ones, but there's a bunch out there, google is your friend.

2. Point out that there are video game ratings for every game out there. Point out it's the parent job to make sure they're are well informed.

3. State that parents need to raise their kid well, ultimately it's the parent who needs to the role model a child needs to be a produtice person in society. A violent video game can't raise your child and it's not the child fault that they got the game. Who else would buy the game for their kid? Yes that's right, the parent.

4. Point out the obvious, video games are fantasy and not reality. That we can tell the difference between real world violence and fake violence.

5. State how much the world consumes as much video games as the united states, but they don't have the same problem as mass shootings we do.

There you go. In order to win this "debate" about violence in video games, we need to refute the opposition's argument that games contribute to violence. In order to win in the arena of ideas, we must enlighten the critics. Maybe in a few years or more the world will stop blaming video games for violence.
Since the video game industry wasted their time and had to meet the idiotic Trump administration about violence in video games today. I'm gonna post a rant journal about it. You been warned! Thank you.

So the video game industry met with Trump the dumbass and several other idiots about video game violence. The video game industry wasted their time if you ask me, because video games never ever made a person go violent! Yet, video games are still a scape goat, and the industry needs to respond to this.

There is no debate on this issue. Numerous studies have debunked this stupid idea that video games cause violence. Heck, mature games aren't even made for kids! The average gamer is like in their 30s. Call of Duty and GTA aren't made for kids and young teenagers. It's the parents who buy these games for children.

But here we are, our politicians continue to act like moronic dumbasses. Blaming video games isn't gonna solve the problem. And Trump nor congress can censor video games, so what was the point of this?

I hope to god Robert Mueller finds something illegal Trump has done so he can be impeached, or at least be defeated in 2020. He's an embarrasement along with a majority of our politicians. 

But you know what and this is gonna be a bit controversial, but I rather have George Bush back as president then this little orange turd! Yeah! George Bush wasn't a bad president next to Trump. I rather vote for Bush 100 times if he ran against Trump. Bush wasn't that bad.

What a joke.
Disclaimer: Please know I will put some spoilers in this review like all the others. I won't try to put too much of it, but you been warned either way! Thank you.

So today I saw Marvel's latest super hero flick Black Panther. The newest super hero movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and  is regarded by many as one of the most important movies out there because of it's representation of Black people in a industry dominated by white people. Black Panther is basically The Wonder Woman to Marvel, as it features a Black Super hero.

Truth be told I don't care much for Marvel's movies. I don't go to see every Marvel or DC movie that gets released. (Which puts me in a bit of a bind when I see Avengers: Infinity War but I digress). The ones I do is for super heroes I am more familar with and like. But I decided to see Black Panther because of many people have been saying that it's really good and it's not your usual Marvel movie. Are they right? Well let's find out.

So Black Panther stars T'Challa, the king of Wakanda and the titular character Black Panther. After his dad, the previous King and Black Panther, is killed during a terrorist attack, T'Challa assumes the mantle of Black Panther, and leads his futuristic nation of Wakanda. However, T'Challa finds his rule challenged by his long lost cousin Killmonger, who is the son of T'Challa's uncle who got killed by his brother, T'Challa's dad. Killmonger plots to overthrow T'Challa and rule Wakanda so that he can start a global race war.

Honestly while the plot isn't bad, it's nothing spectacular. It's a by the numbers super hero plot, that is pretty predictable from the get go. In short it's just average. While that's not a bad thing mind you, the movie isn't winning any originality points. You have the bad wanting to be king, the king and the bad guy duke it out, the king loses and the bad guy becomes king. The king gets a rematch with the bad guy, he wins and becomes king again. That's pretty much the plot right here.

However just because the story telling is average, it doesn't mean the character interactions are. I found all the characters in this movie to be organic and interesting. Killmonger isn't some one dimensional villain who wants to be king. T'Challa questions the actions of his father and isn't proud of it. The characters all hover around a grey area, and it makes them feel fleshed out. Also the actors do a pretty good job at acting, with maybe some hammy acting from the minor actors like Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman. They still do a good job though.

What also makes this movie great is the world building. Wakanda itself is a beauty! You learn much about its world, its culture, it's people, the laws and customs it's citizens abide by. It's all very interesting let me tell you.

My main complaint honestly though is the movie's poor pacing. I mean it's a 2 hour movie, but once the story manages to pick up, it's over before you know it. Once T'Challa meets Killmonger face to face, the movie is pretty much almost over. I wouldn't call it a short movie, but it did feel like one.

Despite having a large cast of Black people, I felt this movie didn't try to hamfist any sort of political message. It's pretty much middle ground truth be told. Wakanda is portrayed as an isolationist country with xenophobic tendencies (For example not wanting to let in refugees into their country or sharing it's knowledge of advanced tech to the world.) Killmonger is portrayed as an extreme SJW who wants to start a race war. I say it does a good job trying to keep things balanced. 

But so yeah, do I reccommend Black Panther even if you're not a Marvel fan? I think it's a pretty good movie, and for the fact that you learn so much about a fictional country makes it worth a watch. The cast of characters were pretty good, the acting, the action and special effects were top notch. Just be prepared for an average predictable story with some pacing problems.
So there's a bit of non news going around about Mark Hamill, aka god, is interested in playing the role of Vesemir (Geralt's mentor) in the upcoming Netflix series. Despite his interest, Mark Hamill doesn't know anything about the Witcher.…

So should someone who doesn't know anything about the Witcher series, play one of the serie's most important characters? Fuck yeah! I mean it's Mark fucking Hamill! He can play anything and make it awesome!

Even if Mark wasn't being serious, I would love to see him appear as Vesemir. It would make the show even more awesome! Plus we might get the old and wise Luke Skywalker The Last Jedi denied us.
No I'm not talking about Fox News (Though they are a fake news channel). But rather CNN! You know I hate Trump, and I think he's a pathetic liar, but if there's one thing I can agree with him on is that CNN and most of the establishment media spread fake news.

Exhibit A:…

This opinion piece written by this hack suggests shooters hone their craft by playing video games. OK let me play this stupid little game of his.

I play Mario Kart, does that make me an expert race car driver? I play Assassin's Creed, does that  help to become a proffessional assassin that can move across buildings swiftly and stab someone in the back with a hidden blade? I play The Witcher 3, does that make me an expert sword fighter? 

The obvious is no...

Sure there are programs or simulations that might help a person practice at whatever their doing. But video games were never made to train someone to kill. Playing Call of Duty doesn't make someone proficient with a fire arm.

More scape goating, this time from the dumbass news media. Remember, it's not just politicians who blame video games for mass shootings. It's the dumbass news media as well. The same dumbass news media who never report on real issues and love to sensationalize any news story for ratings.

And CNN is the king of fake news! 

And once again I'll repeat this.

Video Games does not contribute to mass shootings! 

But hey continue to blame video games! I'm sure that'll prevent the next tragedy!! -sarcasm-