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You know the drill, another tragic mass shooting comes another pathetic attempt at scape goating video games from incredibly stupid politicians. Kentucky's own republican governor Matt Belvin attempted to blame the recent Florida school shooting on video games.…

We live in 2018 and we still have politicians blaming video games for society's ills. They rather not admit the real issues, they rather point to an easy target to distract people from the real problems of mass shootings. Which is frankly not an easy thing to say, I mean you can't go out and blame it on guns either, there's alot of variables and circumstances that would lead to a person committing an act of cruelty like this.

But blaming video games is not only stupid, its, again, a lazy way of not really addressing the actual root problems of mass shootings.

So yeah, Matt Belvin is a fucking idiot.
Disclaimer: I'm gonna rant hard against the pokemon anime, so if you don't want to read my rambling, you've been warned. Thank you. 

Okay so the pokemon anime has been running for a long, long, long time, ever since the 90s. I grew up watching it in the 90s, and I credit it for turning me into a fan of the series. I still love to play pokemon games, as I still buy them each new generation (I don't buy spin offs or revisions, I do buy remakes though). However, over time my opinion on the pokemon anime changed. I went from loving it, to absolutely hating it. Why is that? Well for one thing I grew out of it, but that's not a huge reason for me to actually hate it, I grew out of many shows over my life but I don't hate them. No the true reason I despise the pokemon anime is that it never, ever fucking changes.

I'll give you a summary of how the pokemon anime usually goes. Ash goes on a pokemon journey in some random region, he befriends two or three people who accompany him on his travels, he thwart's team rocket's plans to capture pikachu, he wins all 8 gym badges, then he goes to that regions pokemon league and loses at the final match....EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!!

There! This is the pokemon anime in a nutshell! I just saved you from watching alot of pointless episodes! The pokemon anime is horrible! It truly is! And to this day I still can't fathom why grown up adults still watch it! Yes I know you can like something, but how can someone still tolerate this lack of creativity is beyond me. 

I'm not calling for pokemon to be cancelled, no! But something needs to be done, a change is needed to make it more refreshing. Ash at this point should just go away, let's have another character take charge. The pokemon universe is rich in lore, it shouldn't be tied to Ash and his never ending quest of failure! Look at pokemon origins, and generations, they were actually pretty good and I enjoyed watching them. Why can't the pokemon anime be more like origins and generations? 

But I have no doubt the pokemon anime will last for decades upon decades, until the brand dies out (Not likely nor do I want it to) or they actually change it up like I suggested.

Yeah decades of Ash losing and the same ass plot points being repeated again and again. Pokemon is basically the anime version of the simpsons. At least the simpsons are tolerable...
By that I mean, I finally jumped shipped and bought "THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME" Undertale for my Playstation Vita.

Now let's see why fans consider this game so good. 

In other gaming news I also bought a remarkable 2D game for my Vita as well called Iconoclasts. It's fucking sweet let me tells you! I might post a review about it soon.
So Nickelodeon just released new designs for the brand new TMNT cartoon coming to the channel later this year (I don't have much to say about it other then the fact I'm trying to keep an open mind, keyword try). But then Gamespot, ya know, a gaming website published this little nugget of stupidity.…

"Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Photos Suggest It's A Prequel"

Look at the last word of this article, it says prequel...Hmm what is a prequel exactly?

  1. a story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work.
    "the film is a prequel to the cult TV series"

So okay then, what exactly is Rise of The TMNT a prequel to? The 2012 cartoon? The 87 cartoon? The Mirage comics? The 2003 cartoon? The live action movies pre-Michael Bay? The CGI film? The Next Mutation? The Michael Boy movies? Any of the video games? IDW Comics? Archie Comics? Umm.......that TMNT anime ova series from japan that was never dubbed in english?
Someone at Gamespot get's paid to write crappy articles like this. This isn't a prequel to any existing TMNT works, Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a new universe with a brand new take on the mythos. The turtles are said to be of different species, April is now African American, and Raph is now the leader of the group.

Where in the hell does that fit with any of the established time lines? :facepalm: 

So yeah epic fail gamespot! Maybe next time you should report actual news instead of speculative garbage like this.

If they said the show is inspired from established works, then sure okay that's fine, but wow, calling it a prequel when it's not!

Moral of the story, don't trust gamespot. After all they own gamefaqs anyway.

Yep you heard it correctly folks! The Switch has surpassed the Wii U in life time sales according to Nintendo's latest earning's report!…

This is a pretty big deal for Nintendo for many reasons as I shall provide some context.  The Switch,  which isn't a year old yet, has just outsold a console in less than a year that what the Wii u has sold in 5 years.

The Switch as of December 2017 has sold 14 million units, the Wii U has sold over 13 million units. It remains to be seen if Nintendo can keep this momentum going through 2018 as the Switch is kinda lacking at the moment with a steady supply of noticiable games.

And now I'm gonna do an about face and rant about fanboys discussing sales. Yes I know the irony in me doing so with this journal post, but I don't celebrate or care about sales numbers in the first place. I'm not a share holder at Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony.

Seriously fanboys who celebrate how many units a console or game has sold, I wonder if they're secretly shareholders of that company, because in the end they're not gonna reap those rewards, heck its pretty pathetic actually. I mean is it good Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are doing well? Of course! It keeps the industry in good shape because we have competition. I personally never want to see any of them fail, so it's good to see Nintendo coming back after the Wii U's epic failure, but some of these fan boys act like it's a huge deal for them, and they use it in their little console wars. It's pretty ridiculous honestly.

But anyway, congratulations to Nintendo, I hope they keep making excellent games. The Switch is starting to look like a great console, I hope it doesn't fail like the Wii U did. 
Genuine question to fans of this movie series and no I'm not refering to the very first movie which started it all, because I seen that movie, but in the end it raises more questions about what is the Cloverfield franchise is about.

Also treat this journal with spoilers for the series since I will discuss the first movie a bit.

So Cloverfield, all I know it was a monster movie set in New York City with a really shitty way of using a home made camera to show off the movie.

It was interesting, nothing special, but I enjoyed watching Cloverfield.

Then fast forward years later, there comes a movie called 10 Cloverfield Lane, which I hear is a standalone sequel to Cloverfield. Ok, that's fine, does it explain this question though, about the monster that attacked new york city in the first movie? Because I didn't see it.

And now there's a third movie coming out called God particle, and based on what I read on it's plot synopsis, it looks like it has nothing to do with the first two movies.

So what are these movies about?
So way back when Final Fantasy XV's original street date was announced, Square Enix at the same time announced a Ultimate Collector's Edition for the game. I was able to preorder one in time before it sold out. The ultimate collector's edition came with a figure of Noctis. I really don't have any use for it anymore, so I'm willing to sell this thing to anyone interested.

I have not played with it, It's still in it's black box, although I did take the plastic holdings out of it just to examine it, but I have not played it.

So if anyone is interested in this thing, let me know and we'll work something out.
Happy Holidays everybody! Sorry for not posting much online these days, I been very busy this month so I'm not as on DA as usual.

Anyway, I'm here to announce my personal game of the year, which is a fancy way of saying what I think is the best game I played in 2017. Now just because this game I mention is my personal game of the year for 2017 doesn't make the other great games I played this year as inferior, I'm basically stating that this game is simply that good compared to the others. OK enough of my rambling, here's my favorite game for 2017.

Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Yes, I pick Horizon as my game of the year for 2017, but it wasn't an easy choice like Ratchet and Clank or The Witcher 3 for previous years. I had to choose between Horizon and Assassin's Creed: Origins for my personal game of the year, and trust me the choice was pretty difficult. Both Assassin's Creed and Horizon were just that good to play this year, and both games are just so impressive!

But what made Horizon: Zero Dawn capture my attention the most? Well I'll give a list of reasons why.

1. Main story is pretty good and engaging.
2. Aloy is a relatable protangonist whose personality can be altered in the game.
3. Hunting machines is never boring.
4. Side quests are well written and are fleshed out like in The Witcher 3.
5. Gameplay is just more fun with the bow.
6. Expansion is really fun and worth it.

And what made Assassin's Creed: Origins so great and better in some area's than Horizon came down to.

1. The Open World is much better than Horizon's post apocalyptic open world, sorry but I love Ancient Egypt more.
2. The side quests are nicely done and are well written like in the witcher 3.
3. Bayek, the main character of Origins, is also relatable and has plenty of character like Aloy.
4. Stealth is handled a lot better here than Horzion Zero Dawn due to the new and improved Eagle Vision mechanic in this game.
5.Exploration yields a lot of rewards like going into ancient egyptian tombs.

Ultimately what made Horizon the better choice was it's main story and gameplay.While Origin's has an interesting storyline I feel like it doesn't capture your attention that Horizon: Zero Dawn does, and while the gameplay in Origins is solid, it does have some serious hit detection issues and can be a bit repetitive, and again hunting machines in Horizon is just so much fun!

So yeah, I found Horizon to be a great game that deserves attention, if you love open world games, if you love The Witcher 3, heck if you like Monster Hunter games, I believe Horizon: Zero Dawn is the type of game you'll like. And again just because I found Horizon to be my game of the year, doesn't mean games like Origins is inferior, Assassin's Creed: Origins is also a great game I had the honor of playing, and deserves your attention also.

These other games I played in 2017 are also great and if you haven't played them, then check them out, I reccommend them 100 percent.

1. Persona 5
2. Nier: Automata.(Honestly I think this game has the best music this year than any other game)
3. Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

And to close this out, have a happy new year everyone!
Zelda Breath of the Wild has won the Video Game Award's game of the year award. First off I want to say congratulations to Nintendo for winning this award, I'm sure the company's rich executives are happy with the outcome. But I disagree with this decision by the VGA's to award Zelda "Game of the Year." And to be frank, I don't see BotW as game of the year material. 

And yes I have played Breath of the Wild, I borrowed a copy and a Switch from a family member for a month. While the game is good, it doesn't do anything great to warrant such an award.

The story is garbage, pure garbage! You go through 4 copy and paste dungeons with four copy and paste bosses. Then you fight Ganon, you save Zelda, and thats it. The game has fun combat, but its a more refined version of past Zelda titles. Also the weapons breaking down all the time is god damn frustrating! The open world is fun to explore, and I do like how you explore it, but it's only a step above other open world games like Skyrim.

In short, BotW does nothing special to win game of the year. It's a good game, I did have fun with it. But honestly really it's overrated like FF VII.

So what game does deserve game of the year for this year? Well first off there's no definite game of the year, any game of the year is just one's own opinion of their favorite game they played for 2017. Remember, a lot of outlets give their own game of the year awards. The VGAs just happen to be the most well known.

If anyone wants to know what my game of the year for 2017, that remains up in the air really. Previously it was Persona 5, but after playing Horizon Zero Dawn and AC Origins, I need more time to think on it. I will post a journal about it along with my reasons describing why any of those three games are my personal game of the year.
Yep more exciting announcements coming from the Video Game Awards. Bayonetta 3 will be coming to Switch and SC 6 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.……
The Walt Disney Corporation's bid to conquer the world is moving along quite swimmingly! It has been reported that Disney will be buying out major parts of 20th Century Fox in a 60 billion dollar deal.…

According to the deal Disney will get the movie studio, some television channels (Excluding Fox network, their sports channel and their horrible propaganda network Fix News). And since Fox owns the film rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, Disney will now have total control of those movie franchises as well. Disney will also own other well known franchises like Alien.

So Disney has bought Marvel, Star Wars, and looks like they're adding Fox to their roster, this company is hell bent on taking over the world I tells ya!
Ah! 2017 has been a peaceful year for me, same for the past couple of years to. And I intend to keep it that way! I learned from my past mistakes, I won't ever do them again! Escpically on this god forsaken site! If I sound bitter, it's because I got plenty of good reasons why.…

Looks like Capcom is bringing back the Blue Bomber from the dead! Mega Man is back for Mega Man 11, the next game in the classic series!

Also announced is a collection of the X series with Mega Man X1-8 for ps4, xbox one and Switch.

Now let's hope DMC V is also a real thing!
In a post Skyrim world, where every video game developer in the damn world has tried to see what made Skyrim such a house hold success since it's release, we been accommaded with open world games in the market. Most of these open world games tend to be pretty life less with little to no value to be found from them. In my personal opinion, what makes Skyrim's open world so great and better then most open world games is the freedom the game gives you, to explore dungeons, complete quests at your leisure, role play as any character you want in this thriving world. However Skyrim's defining traits can also be one of it's weaknesses, as the game is filled to the brim with forgetable fetch quests, and thus certain developers have tried to copy Skyrim, often with high degree's of failure, like Dragon Age Inquisition for example. An open world game filled with even more boring fetch quests. While Skyrim isn't the main topic of this journal, it's influence is critically important to the topic at hand. Primarily the fetch quests and open world nature of the game that so many publishers think is the key to sell a video game in today's market.

The Witcher 3 is basically the anti-Skyrim, in it it has a default protangonist, in a open world game filled with interesting side quests that have their own interesting story lines. These side quests are one of the factors as to why The Witcher 3 got rave reviews, and some developers are starting to notice it.

While The Witcher 3's impact on the Industry hasn't gone as far as Skyrim's impact has, it has influenced a few open world games, and quite frankly it turned out for the better. One good example is Ubisoft's own Assassin's Creed: Origins. Drawing inspirtation from the Witcher 3. Origin's own side content is damn awesome! Like The Witcher 3, AC Origins side quests actually have their own interesting stories that aren't repetitive fetch quests.

And it should be noted that AC games are often the poster child for boring open world games with pointless side content (With Black Flag's exception of course). Not Origins though, for it is my favorite game in the series right next to Black Flag. 

Horizon Zero Dawn is another good example of an open world game with pretty interesting side quests as well. Like TW3 Horizon Zero Dawn have their own meaningful side quests packed with interesting stories.

It's good to see the positive impact The Witcher 3 has done in the industry, and I hope more developers take note of what makes the game so great for their own open world games.
With the blunder now known as Battlefront II getting shredded by the media and the community, I think it's a good time to check out other Star Wars games, espically in preperation for The Last Jedi. After all there is more to Star Wars video games, then EA's Battlefront series. Note some games I list here aren't games I personally played, but they are considered to be good within the gaming community.

1. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2: Why not start off this list with Bioware's most critically acclaimed rpgs several generations back? KoToR is considered one of Bioware's best games and is often considered to be one of the best rpg games of all time. KoTor 2 isn't considered that good by fans due to the rushed job by Obsidian (thanks to Lucasarts). KoToR 1 and I do think 2 are avaliable on pc, Xbox, and mobile phones.

2. Battlefront 1 and 2. Now I'm obviously not refering to EA's miserable reboot of the Battlefront games, but the very ones made by Pandemic studios themselves. Do I really need to say it though? Battlefront 1 and 2 are really good games with addicting gameplay, heck they're my favorite star wars games of all time!.

3. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: Oh what is this? A movie tie-in game? I actually had alot of fun with this old ps2 game. Sure, it get's repetitive with it's basic gameplay. But like Battlefront, I found Revenge of the Sith pretty addicting, going through the movie's plot in a interactive format was also pretty addicting. Plus you can relive battles from across the star wars movies in versus mode, like Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader's fights. Also, I do think it has one of the best cinematics for a old ps2 game.

4. Star Wars: Clone Wars: This isn't really a movie tie game, well aside from the first level taking place in Geonosis from Mace Windu's perspective. This game actually features an original plot, centering around a super weapon that Count Dooku plans on unleashing to win the war. While the story isn't by any means a masterpiece, it does dive deep into some parts of star wars lore that is actually expanded in several comic books (Which are now non canon thanks to Disney). This game has you play on vehicles like a tank. You'll switch between Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and Anakin Skywalker. At some instances though, you'll be able to play as them without a vehicle. However their Jedi powers are limited to the force push, and you rarely play them outside their vehicles. Still its a pretty solid game with good gameplay and a interesting plot that expands Star Wars lore. It's a ps2 game btw.

5.Soul Calibur IV: Wait a second! This isn't a star wars game! Why are you even listing this game anyway? Good question! While this isn't really a Star Wars game, it does feature 3 Star Wars characters as guest fighters. You have Yoda, Darth Vader and Starkiller, Vader's secret apprentece. However, Yoda and Vader are exclusive to their respective consoles. You can only play as Yoda if you bought a Xbox 360 version of SC IV, Vader can only be bought with the ps3 version. Starkiller himself is avaliable for both versions. However, I do believe you can buy Yoda and Vader as dlc, but I heard it was taken down. Also speaking of Starkiller.

6. The Force Unleashed: This is probrably one of the most ambitious Star Wars games I ever played. Made by Lucasarts themselves, this game has you play Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice during the events of Episodes III and IV. This game features an original story that tells how the Rebel Alliance was formed (Which is now non canon). As the title implies, you're granted with devastating force powers that'll make your enemies tremble before you. This game is pretty fun, but really flawed in my opinion. The game play will get stale, and you'll be back tracking to earlier levels when you dive deeper into the plot. While the story is interesting, it may ruin star wars lore for you(Even though its now non canon).

I didn't list the game's sequel, because honestly, it's not really a sequel. It's a overpriced expansion pack with a shitty short love story, pointless cameos, and idiotic characters. The only good things about it are the refined combat, and the graphics. Don't bother with The Force Unleashed 2 unless you get it for free or whatever.

Now this isn't a definite list of good Star Wars games. I didn't mention other games like Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Republic Commando, Jedi Knight/Academy, the older Star Wars games from the good old days, Galaxies etc. Some of these games I listed are pretty old, and maybe hard to track down, but if you have the chance, you may find something worth while to play.
I usually don't bother to comment much on microtransactions, loot boxes, etc as I usually don't play games that have them or I just ignore them in single player driven games if they're in there. But what EA has tried to do with Battlefront II, which required you to to play at least 40 hours to unlock a Star Wars hero or else you can pay to unlock them faster, really fired up a huge shit storm in the Star Wars and gaming community. 

Never in my life have I seen such an outrage that forced a huge publisher like EA to make such a drastic decision like this regarding microtransactions. And I been following gaming news for a long time, not that I am privvy to every info that gets churns out, but I do like to keep myself well informed as a consumer. Point is EA had done goofed up and everyone made it known rightly. Now they're making the right changes for Battlefront II, so people can get what they want in a timely manner. Funny though, I remember EA saying they didn't want to be seen as the most evil company in America or something whatever that contest was that made them called the worst company in America for a few years. But then they pull a stunt like this and they wonder why people rage on them.

Point is, EA screwed up more than usual, and they're backpedaling, and I'm glad the community was able to raise their voices against EA's greed.
Yes you heard the title right. Apparently, a guy on reddit leaked out some a huge bombshell regarding two hugely antcipated games. Devil May Cry 5 (I'm crying right here, I hope to god its true) and Soul Calibur 6.…

I normally don't try to report on rumors unless there's a chance it might actually be from a credible source. Well the leaker does have some credibility. He apparently leaked the final DLC for Injustice 2, which has the TMNT as guest characters.

And he was right!…

Now there's a good chance he might be wrong, so don't take this as gospel. However, while I don't know the chances of a Soul Calibur game happening, a DMC 5 being revealed is plausible. Itsuno, the series head man in charge at Capcom will be at PSX and he has been working on an unannounced project, which may be DMC 5. Now it could be something else entirely. So for now, to those who are wanting DMC 5 or SC VI, I say take this rumor with a grain of salt, but tune in for PSX, which is Sony's Playstation Conference in December. PSX will take place on the 9-10 of that month.

And again, I hope he is right! I want DMC 5 so badly! 
I want to ask a couple of questions to those who played Assassin's Creed Origins. Please keep spoilers to a minimum if you can please. Disclaimer: I only played the first AC game and Black Flag. I am kinda interested in this game though because it's been compared to The Witcher 3. Thank you.

1. Does this game have tailing missions? Like the standard follow someone and not get caught crap in past AC games?

2. How are the side quests in this game? Are they substantial? Do they have their own narrative? Or is it just plain old fetch quests?

3. Is combat better then in past AC games?

4. In your view is the open world fun to explore or is it a lifeless husk?

5. Are there pointless collectables to find? What is this games other side content?

A huge thank you to anyone who answers any of these questions!
Alright, as stated in my last journal, I will release a review about Sonic Forces. This is my first Sonic I have bought since Sonic Unleashed which was almost a decade ago. I have not bought any other Sonic game after Unleashed, for I am not a Sonic fan nor do I want to be one. As also stated, I consider Unleashed to be my favorite sonic game, primarily the day time stages. Also there will be SPOILERS!!! You been warned. Thanks

Where to start off? Sonic Forces is Sega's latest attempt at playing it safe. The gameplay is primarily similar to their most popular 3D Sonic games, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. You have the Unleashed style boost gameplay, you have the Classic Sonic stages making a return from Generations and then you have the newest gameplay addition which lets you create a custom character.  Does playing it safe help this long established franchise get out of the muck it continues to dive in, or does it fall into the pit of ever bad Sonic games like Sonic 06? Despite playing it safe and sticking to a tried and true formula, Sonic Forces isn't Sega's long sought game to help revitalized this franchise. Instead, while it's not overtly terrible like Sonic 06, it fails in it's mission to become the a very good game like Generations and Colors. 

Let's start off with the story. Sonic Forces tries to tell a very dark story remiscent of Sonic 06 and the Adventure games, they even brought in the writer of Sonic 06 to help out. And since they brought in that writer who wrote one of the worst stories of all time for a video game, it shows in Sonic Forces writing. Sonic Forces does a poor attempt at telling a war story, with the entire world conquered by Dr. Eggman with the help of Mephi- I mean Infinite, who is the franchises newest villain. Sonic get his ass handed to him by Infinite, and is captured. Eggman conquers most of the world. With Sonic gone, his friends and allies form a rag tag group of rebels who struggle against the Eggman Empire. Coming to their assistance is a rookie (Your created Character) and Classic Sonic who comes to Modern Sonic's dimension via a wormhole from Sonic Mania. You bust out Modern Sonic from prison and spend the rest of the game fighting Eggman's forces. 

I'll be frank this is the worst part of the game. The story is utter nonesense! Modern Sonic is captured at the very beginning. The game's pacing is so bad, nothing builds up and frankly you really don't care what happens to the plot or characters. Eggman just conquers the world by the very first level,  everyone is sad Sonic is captured, but none of this is explored in depth. We're all supposed to care. The point, everything is going by so fast, it really doesnt explain the situation well. Yes I know there's a comic about Sonic Forces, and yes I know Episode Shadow is a prequel to the game. Well here's the thing. I shouldn't need a comic to explain to me the games story. And Episode shadow only covers Infinite's origin and beef with Shadow. Which is really ridiculous if you ask me.

A Sonic story is usually pretty bad though, even the Adventure games had a terrible story. So it really shouldn't come to a surprise that this games story is really bad. Infinite isn't a compelling villain, his motivation for being evil is to become strong. Like WTF? If there's one thing I can say positively about the narrative is basically how your character interacts with the characters. While they don't speak, it feels like they have a good dynamic relationship with the core cast, instead of just being a card board cutout.

Now onto the gameplay:

As previously stated, the gameplay is primarily based off of the Generations formula. You got Modern Sonic with his boost gameplay, you got Classic Sonic in 2D stages, and you have the Avatar with it's own gameplay.

If you played Generations, Colors or Unleashed, then the boost gameplay should feel familar to you. Sonic can use boost with the press of a button, allowing him to go faster then usual. There are both 2D and 3D sections for Modern Sonic. Classic Sonic is primarily 2D, he has the spin dash, and he can use power ups like temporary invincibilty. The Avatar uses gadgets to help them battle enemies. Their weapons, called wispons, consists of a flame thrower, a lightning whip, a drill, and asteroid gun. Avatar stages are both 3D and 2D like Modern Sonic, however you never use a boost function.

In some levels, you can control both Modern Sonic and your Avatar in a special tag team like in  Heroes. This isn't constant though as you switch between Modern Sonic, 2D Sonic and your Character between stages.At the end of each stage your graded for your performance, in the form of a rank. If you beat the stage in very little time, if you didn't die, etc your score will be higher. When you beat a stage, you get items to customize your character, if you get an S rank you'll get even more items to customize your character.

On the gameplay front, I believe this is where Sonic Forces shines. Modern Sonic's levels are pretty fun to play through, blasting through enemies with the boost is fun if a bit repetive though, and just playing as Modern Sonic can be great at times. It feels more like a refined version of the Day time stages of Sonic Unleashed.

Classic Sonic stages in my opinion, aren't the best of what the game offers, but if you love the old 2D games, you'll find something fun in here. Classic Sonic's momentum physics based gameplay hasn't left, and you'll be using this type of gameplay to go through Classic Sonic's stages.

As for the Avatar's stages. I'm gonna be a bit biased. It's kinda like if Sonic took cues from Ratchet and Clank in terms of gameplay and incorporated it here. No its not the samething, but using gadgets like the hookshot, and the wispons reminds of Ratchet and Clank. And you know what, it makes it very fun. Plus its not a carbon copy of Modern Sonic's gameplay..

Now for the negatives. Each stage in this game is very short, going from 1-3 minutes, it can be longer depending on how you play. This game resuses stage levels to. Like for example Green Hill Zone. The game is also very short to, you can beat the main story in about 2-3 hours. Now there is side content, but its not really worth talking about. Their just extra 2D stages you can do to unlock more gear for your Avatar.

In conclusion, Sonic Forces isn't a terrible game. The gameplay is fun and it feels like a refined version of Sonic Unleashed when it comes to Boost gameplay. But it's short length, recycling stages, and absurd plot holds it back from being an actual good game. If you love Sonic Generations, Colors or even Unleashed, then this game might be something to check out. If you didn't like those games then you may not like Generations. If you're a casual gamer who is not a Sonic fan but if your interested, then I say give it a rental. Even though its cheap at 40 dollars, its not worth it if you ask me.

I'll give it a 6/10. It's a fun game, but it really doesn't do anything special.
    Thank fucking god The Ratchet and Clank games doesn't make it's fan base question how good or bad a Ratchet and Clank game might be. Sure there are some fans who might do that, but I believe this fan base isn't as cynical as certain others. Sure there are a few Ratchet and Clank games that aren't well recieved, and a few that are bad (Like FFA), but even then most Ratchet and Clank games do great. Insomniac almost never fails at creating high quality Ratchet and Clank games.  The 2016 Ratchet and Clank game still shows Insomniac hasn't lost their touch. Why am I saying this? Because guess which game comes out tommorow? Sonic Forces, and like most 3D Sonic games, the Sonic Fan base is revving up the hate machine to bring this game down without giving it a fair chance. And for the record, I am actually getting Forces myself. Because I wanted to try out a new Sonic game for myself ever since I stopped playing the series since Unleashed (For the record I don't consider myself a Sonic fan, Forces is that rare purchase). I won't judge Forces properly until I played through the game, and I might post a review on here to give my thoughts. Lastly, its telling how an established long running franchise that originated from the 90s can't find a clear footing in the 3D landscape compared to another long running game series that came out in the 2000s which rarely sees a bad release.

It's simple, Ratchet and Clank sticks to a gameplay formula that works, when it doesn't it often stands out as bad (All 4 One and FFA for starters). Sonic had one in the boost formula that orignated in Unleashed (Also Unleashed is my favorite sonic game), and Forces is banking on the boost formula for it's success.

If Sonic Forces doesn't get good scores, I don't know what to say honestly. It's basically a spiritual successor to Generations, which is often regarded as the best 3D Sonic game. If Forces bombs, then Sega is really in a tight spot.