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July 12, 2012
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Name: Rebbecca Fayne
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Hair: Long brown hair
Eyes Color: Orange, or hazel nut
Age: 300 years old, 16 in appearance
Personality: Cold-hearted, well mannered, controlling, selfish, revengeful, can be civilized in conversations,.
Attributes: Able to reanimate the dead, telekinesis, powers of seduction, has a hidden monstrous vampiric form,can teleport to any location by changing into multiple bats,  able to shoot orbs of energy from the palm of her hand., very fast, and graceful in hand to hand combat.
Weakness: The sun, water, fire, and loud noises.
Likes: Blood, power, music, gothic clothing, the moon, reading books, other people's pain.
Dislikes: The sun, good people, cute things, fire, water, cats, vampire hunters, the police and werewolves.
Background:  More then 300 years ago, the Fayne Family ruled over a small town, this town was a small colony of pilgrims from England who left there home country to find a new home in the new world. Rebbecca's father Calvius Fayne ruled with fear, often threatening the townsfolk for there  lives if they didn;'t offer a sacrifice. As the eldest daughter of the family Rebbecca was the families keeper, often she would be sent to kidnap and imprison people who were rebellious. In her own spare time, she would feed upon them, having her own fun. The tyrannical rule of the Fayne's fueled the town's folk anger, all boiling up to a major revolt one night. An angry mob harboring pitch fork's and torches stormed into the Fayne's estate, Although the Fayne's were strong physically, and had the powers of the undead by there side, they were outnumbered. Rebbecca saw her family murdered by the angry mob, tempted to fight back, she saw the cold hard reality she would indeed die if she resisted. And so sheran to the Estate's Catacomb. She would lay in deep slumber for the next 300 years until the CIA had found her tomb. Fearful of her power, the CIA kept her in lock up at an advanced maximum security prison. She was kept in a secret cell with a straitjacket, her mouth and eyes covered, and her body chained. However she pulled a major escape by duping one of the security guards into easing her restraint. With all her powers, and skills, she escaped the prison, fleeing to Denver, Colorado. Rebbecca, angered by the death of her family, seeks everlasting vengeance against humanity,, and to restore her families honor once again.
A new vampire oc, her name is Rebbecca Fayne. A once mighty vampire noble, now fugitive from the CIA in modern times. She seeks power, death to humanity.

Rebbecca Fayne (C) Me

Credit to the art goes to :iconxpgtfo:
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I did it!! Here you go!
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I have very bad lighting i'm sorry!
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